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Encouraging Leadership Within the Community

The Village Development Committee (VDC) is constituted of four sub-committees: the Village Development Bank Committee (VDB), the Village Youth Government (VYG), the Village Council of Elders (VCE), and the Village Health Committee (VHC). VDP staff support the organizing of the elections of the villagers to the sub-committees. VDC will take a lead role in the process of continuing to understand and respond to the needs of their community. It will also establish the Village Development Bank, an important source of credit for income generating activities and a system that will encourage the practice of saving.

The forming of the sub-committees provides a way of giving opportunities and drawing out natural leaders in the community. Committees formed through the VDP staff's support are different in that members are elected, as opposed to appointed, and usually do not have previous connections or high standing in local society. Members usually turn out to be dedicated, hardworking people invested in the development of their own community, because they have been engaged for their commitment to helping their community-at-large rather than serving for personal benefit.

After the sub-committee elections, VDP staff provide coaching to each sub-committee so that each understands its roles and responsibilities.

Committee Descriptions

Village Development Bank (VDB)
The VDB committee is in charge of setting up and running the Village Development Bank, which will provide funds to commence community activities and a source of credit to carry out or expand business activities.

Village Youth Government (VYG)
Youth in the village between 14-24 years of age will elect eight representatives. VYG will manage affairs pertaining to youth and to integrate youth into community development. They will also coordinate environmental activities such as the tree planting to establish the VDB, and will be provided with training and financial support to establish youth-run businesses.

Village Council of Elders (VCE)
The role of the eight highly-experienced village elders is to achieve program buy-in between the sponsoring partner and the village.

Village Health Committee (VHC)
VHC is constituted of eight individuals who can be health care educators, youth, and other villagers. Its role is to execute various activities to promote health care and sanitation more effectively within the village.

The Village Development Partnership is a PDI Initiative [a 501(c) (3) Organization]